Strange Apparatus
a gallery of interesting and unusual things

Strange Apparatus began life as a small curio shop in 1995. It was located in Subiaco, Western Australia and contained objects possessing both aesthetic and intellectual appeal. In part, the shop was inspired by the Victorian period, the era of the polymath, when the art of philosophical research was still being carried out by enthusiastic amateurs.

Although many of Strange Apparatus’ customers enjoyed browsing amongst such arcana as kaleidoscopes, sundials and polemoscopes, the Internet was growing and the profitability of a small retail shop of this type was being challenged. Interesting and unusual things could now be found from home in the comfort of one’s oak-paneled, booked lined Victorian era study.

Strange Apparatus shut its doors for the last time in 2005 but the idea that art and science could have much in common remained. This modest Website is inspired by the curio shop. The subject matter is varied in keeping with the eclectic style of the shop that really was a gallery of interesting and unusual things.

Keywords: Storm glass, Robert Fitzroy's weatherglass, chemical barometer, Crookes radiometer, lightmill, old-time crystal set radio, cats whisker, Leon Theremin plans and circuits, electronic music, homemade rum
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